Boimels TVSHOWCOPYTOOL is a software created for organizing files, especially tv-shows. It allows to select files in a directory and its subdirectories by extension. The files can be deleted, moved or copied. TVSCT is able to retrieve episode names of tv-shows from the api.
TVSCT does not have a setup... extract and run, that is it.
Download - Windows 32-Bit
30.01.2014 - - Release
Boimels TVSHOWCOPYTOOL Copyright (C) 2014
TVSHOWCOPYTOOL is licensed under the gnu general public licence, version 3 or later. by downloading tvsct you accept the licence conditions. you can use tvsct on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. you don't need to register or pay for tvsct.
TVSHOWCOPYTOOL uses WatTVdb library which is created by Watway. click here for license
TVSHOWCOPYTOOL uses RestSharp library which is created by John Sheehan and licensed under apache license, version 2.0

there is no reason to use this software, use filebot instead, it does everything, only better! when i started this project i was not aware that an established software for organizing tv show rips already exists.